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"Tapping into the subconscious is at the core of my creative process.  A lot of the raw ideas and melodies incubating over the years were born when I was not entirely awake, or in a state where I’m far enough away from myself to let much truth and genuine emotion bubble to the surface”
“At the end of the day if you can’t be honest with yourself and your own music, what do you really have to offer?”



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‘Son of Han’ four time JUNO award winner, Leot Hanson, invites the listener to join him in an honest and intimate journey through his 20 year musical career. Hanson cut his teeth with ‘The Sheepdogs’, the first unsigned band to make the cover of ‘The Rolling Stone’ Magazine, and fans saw him on stages around the world with the likes of ‘Kings of Leon’, ‘John Fogerty’, ‘The Tragically Hip’, ‘Cake’, ‘Black Joe Lewis’ and the list goes on. Collecting Junos, WCMA’s, Much Music Video Awards and CASBYS along the way. He later joined ‘Il Creatura’ (formally ‘The Pistolwhips’), ‘Velvet Threads’ and ‘The League of Wolves’, which he continues to play with today. Part owner of ‘Skullcreek Studios’, co-owner of ‘Capitol Music Club’ in downtown Saskatoon, SK, Hanson is behind the scenes bringing in big name acts from across North America to the stage in Saskatoon. An influential musician in the Saskatchewan music scene, and beyond, Hanson is passionate about his new album and confident in the unique sound that he hopes will inspire folks globally.  
Driven by his love of music and the search for his own 'sound', Son of Han is a culmination of songs that have incubated and evolved over the years. With Covid Lockdown came the opportunity to hone his song writing and musical craft, and finally focus on his first solo project. Over the course of the year the songs were molded and shaped into something that is connected tonally, but also offers completely different vibes from song to song, which makes for a more interesting listen.  Many of Hanson's very talented musician peers helped perform and arrange certain tracks throughout the record.  Aspen Beveridge a fellow musician and friend of Hanson's, led the engineering on the record while also helping arrange, produce, and master the tracks.  The result is a refined musical perspective that delivers a distinctive welcoming contribution to the 'ever expanding rock genre'.  Son of Han dishes out a dynamic ear pleasing album with a unique lingering sound easily identified as the "Leot Hanson Sound". 

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Recording Studio/ Skullcreek Studios

Management / Skware Eyes Collaborative

Booking / Leot Hanson

Press / Mane Productions

Velvet Threads is an energetic band from Saskatoon. Embracing past and present genres, our sound is a raw combination of rock, pop and blues, fronted by the mezmerizing Kate Fyrk.

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 IL Creatura an alt-rock outfit from Saskatoon, Sk, melds searing fuzz riffs over soundscapes bordering on psychedelic, with off-kilter rhythms and chunky bass gluing down the groove.

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 Side Projects​

League of Wolves is a hard-hitting rock group from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, comprised of Dillon Currie, David Wickatrom, brothers Aspen and Greig Beveridge, and former lead guitarist of the Sheepdogs, Leot Hanson

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The Sheepdogs are a Canadian rock band formed in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 2004.  The Sheepdogs were the first unsigned band to make the cover of Rolling Stone, and have gone on to a career featuring multi-platinum album sales and four Juno Awards

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Son of Han

Casting a wide net of sound and style from Psych / Stoner Rock to PopRock, the EP speaks much like a Ween record, where the grooves and melodies are more unpredictable yet relatable. SON OF HAN strives to stand apart from the norm, while still creating a little something for any music fan. 

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